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V dňoch 18.7- 31.7. sa konala jedinečná výmena, ktorú organizovalo naše združenie neďaleko Fiľakova. Prečítajte si krátky článok od Simeona - účastníka z Bulharska  :) (EN) (VIDEO)

Have you ever heard of the “La Perla” hotel some thirty minutes away from Filakovo? None of us had, but for the last two weeks something magical happened here, something beyond the grey and boring everyday life and “La Perla” became a home for 42 participants from 7 different countries.


The main goal of this project in particular was to show us and the people that live in the local areas that even though we have gathered from 7 different countries, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey, we are actually same…people are actually the same.


We managed to do so by creating a theater group, a music band and a dance team. We even wrote a song on our own! We all did an amazing job and everybody took a unique part in the project. Our performances were played in front of children from two kindergartens, in two senior people’s homes and we also had a public event open for the society at the Filakovo castle.


Beyond all the activities, we also had a lot of fun during the nights, when we were strengthening the friendship among us. The long night didn’t affect our productivity. From 9 am we were working together in a best shape like a big family.
In parallel with the main activities, each of us also learned a lot about the different countries. From their history to their present, from traditional beverages and cuisine to typical dances and their languages. Chicas and efendims, nazdravé and salute.



We had a whole day trip to Banska Bystrica on the 24th where we turned the whole place upside down, having photos with all the famous buildings and monuments and taking selfies with all the beautiful girls and hot boys. We stormed the shopping mall after the games and spent all our money on souvenirs and gifts for our families, friends and the other participants. We even gave a ride to a hitch-hiker traveling from France and introduced him to the project and the Youth in Action Program.


All in all, each of us had a great time and the organizers of the project made every reasonable wish of ours come true. We made friends we’ll never forget, we learned different languages, we played a lot of games, we had tons of energizers and I do not believe you will find anyone to say he or she did not enjoy every single bit of the project.


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autor: Simeon Todorov (Bulgaria)

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