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Počas minulého týždňa prebiehala v Bratislave aktivita na budovanie partnerstiev. Robert z Litvy o našom projekte napísal tento príspevok...  (EN)


Project "Build Our Network" connected 28 people from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey and everybody left with a smile. Everybody learned something : someone improved his English language skills, another one's tasted sweetness of Slovak and Czech beer and maybe somebody finally have found real friends. For me - the only one member from Lithuania it was priceless experience. When I arrived in coach station, immediately I was greeted by group of participants from Poland, and after some moments appeared the main organizer of this project.

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Every morning started with delicious coffee and tasty breakfast. Later on we had played some fast-paced games and warm-up activities before main work of the day. Starting with integrating games and finishing with cooperative activities, we freed ourselves from fears and also get know each other better.

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The main goal of our project was to write our own EU Youth in Action project. We were divided into teams of 6 persons. We fast came up with the idea: gypsy integration to community. Firstly, everyone of us was talking about problems of gypsies in their own countries. We had plenty of ideas how to reduce stereotypes or how to get more closely to them. Secondly, we had to fill 17 pages long application form in which we were writing about every aspect of the project: how to get have good atmosphere, what lectures we will have, how we secure our participants.

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In middle of our project, Wednesday, we had a trip to Bratislava old town, where we had to play city rally game. We had to find the most narrow building in city, sing a national Slovak song, make a photograph with locals and many other things. City game ended with the lunch at the biggest Bratislava restaurant. Garlic soup in bread loaf, tasteful Slovak dish - Halušky and national drink of this Little Big Country called Kofola was the best prize for all of us.

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Even if I won't tell you about Turkish guy whose favorite country is Lithuania, miss a story of Italian homemade wine, even if I skip part about the most beautiful smiles of Bulgarian girls and hilarious jokes about Czech Republic, I still could write a whole book about this project, but if you want really want to know what I think about this thing, ask me one question : Did project meet your expectations? And the answer is no. The project was so good, that I can't even compare it with my expectations. It was better ten or maybe hundred times than I expected. If somebody will ask me that I was doing this year, the first words I say, will be : I participated in project in Bratislava...

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