2013 08 8677Kings and Queens

V Rumunsku sme sa toto leto zúčastnili aj výmeny s historickou témou s dôrazom na rovnosť ľudí. Projektu sa zúčastnilo aj viacero účastníkov zo znevýhodnených skupín, to však nebolo žiadnou prekážkou :) (EN)

The youth exchange "Kings & Queens - a little history" was held in Bran (RO) which is famous for its castle previously inhabited by Lord Dracula (Vlad the Impaler). The project emphasized the historical heritage, cultural, moral and traditions of 5 different countries - Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Lithuania and Slovakia.

2013 08 8795

The educational activities of the project were found on the positive example of events in the history of each country, bringing to the front the figures that at some point in the past have left an important legacy, whether cultural, religious or moral, the current generation. Also the example of leaders who took important decisions in history, how they overcome obstacles putting his mark in the development of this, by their example could encourage understanding of the role of personal identity, cultural and geographical context of Europe Union Heritage.

2013 08 8015 

The project was one big encouragement of the dialogue between young people, including young people with fewer opportunities, creating opportunities for them to get involved and become active members of civil society. Among the participants of this project there were 3 people with motor disabilities, 3 hearing impaired, 2 people with other disabilities as well as 5 members of cultural minorities. Main organizer ADAPTO by its own capabilities provided assistance, translation and a large amount of integrative activities so the barriers between participants were removed very easily and all of us became a good friends. Some friendships are so intensive that many participants do already plan to visit each other again.

2013 08 8545

Except educational activities we have visited also castles of marvelous Transylvania, went to jeep mountain ride and visited famous Sphinx that is located in mountains, 2216 meters over the sea level. In the evenings every country was presenting itself by cooking traditional national dinner and subsequent presentation which included some national dances and many other interesting activities.

2013 08 8417

Almost at the end of the project we've performed flashmob in the courtyard of Bran Castle pointing out equality of people with message that everybody can be a King or Queen. We caught people's attention so we assume this flashmob as being successful.

2013 08 8592

After one week of amazing experience we had to say good bye but we were sure we are not seeing each other for the last time. During the free time also new ideas about organizing another exchanges came up so we hope we'll be able to make it to the end and to organize another project so we can meet again. :)

autor: ADAPTO (ed. Patrik Kováč)






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