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Výmena v ČR? Prečo nie! Prečítajte si krátky článok od Evy, ktorá si projekt v Česku veľmi pochvaľuje :) (EN)


I was one of Slovak participants of great youth exchange which was organized by Together organization. This project was held during one hot july week in Bukovina u Čisté, which is very small village in north part of Czech republic. Main topic of this youth exchange was entrepreneurship and key activity was inspired by reality show Shark Tank. To fulfill aim of this project we had to create our own business plan and present it as in this popular Tv show.

Bukovina BYOA (6)

Participants from 6 countries took part in this exchange – Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Slovak republic and Czech republic. During the first four days we spent our time by doing different kinds of activities. Some of them were focused on getting to know each other and know ourselves, others were in connection with topic of unemployment and entrepreneurship. Organizators prepared for us also some lectures on topic of unemployment and business and by this way we learned how to make business plan and what to think about when creating such a business.

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After these introductory days we were divided into seven international groups and got some time to prepare and present our business plans with all it´s details. On last day we were voting for the best presented plan. Finally, team with idea of revolutionary system for coordinating suitcase , which will follow you without holding won. Winners got nice prices and sincere appreciation.

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Each day of exchange in Bukovina was full of fun, useful knowledges and great atmosphere. We had opportunity to find new friends and learn more about entrepreneurship from theoretical and practical point of view, which we can use in the future. We had really great time and took beautifull memories from this exchange.

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autor: Eva Martiníková






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