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Leto 2013 sme odštartovali mládežníckou výmenou v Rumunsku. Účastníčka Sofo z Gruzínska sa s nami podelila o svoje zážitky. (EN)


Each story has a beginning and ending, so I have to find appropriate one for this amazing tale, but as my mind is full of other emotions and feelings I am not going to think a lot about it, so here we go...

This is a story about a group, which was ”all for one and one for all”, group who has the aim to rule the world (only after their success in ball game :)), group, which was formulated with people from 7 different countries, with different backgrounds, traditions, ideas. However we all were varied individuals we all found something familiar in each other. WE WERE SO F*CKING SPECIAL and do you know why ? Cause we were gathered by „Jesus, God bless Attila!„ :)

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Once upon a time there was a small town in the middle of Romania. People (mostly Hungarians) were awesome, so hospitable and nice. We all were living in a fancy house, in wooden rooms, with flowered garden around. If you ask any of us which was our favorite place for chatting, drinking, partying, everyone will answer you without hesitation, that it was our cozy veranda (but actually I am not sure, maybe Kristjan would answer bathroom:)). Yes, place was nice, the food was tasty (for me, I don’t about others) the house was cozy (if we ignore those bell ringing minutes every day) and sessions were interesting/informative but you know what made these days unforgettable? PEOPLE! People from Turkey, Slovakia, Iceland, Romania, Armenia, Tunisia and Georgia.

We didn’t have several small national or international groups, we weren’t divided into parts, we all were together, and all were up all night to get sun, to have fun or get lucky.

Even from the first day we were drinking, singing, listening music, talking, joking, mocking to each other, attending sessions all together and we all were almost crying during farewell “party”.

You know what? I am the lucky one, because I met there funniest Turkish guys, who taught me the most useful word in Turkish, which I used in Starbucks shop later (Kapa ceneni). Guys, who were shouting unclear Turkish words during a small tickling and repeating- cen kappa ceneni- in such a lovely way I can’t forget :) I had a chance there to attend live “concert” of famous Slovakian rapper Hamik (Michal Haman),or later after departure, watch an incredible dance provided by Summi, that was all so awesome. And here comes my coolest boy Tomas, can you imagine a day without Tomas’s my life be like uuuuaaaauuu, I can’t : ( I miss our conversation about perks, music, studying and etc…

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For just a minute close your eyes and think that there was no Icelander in the project. How is it? So quietness yeah? For some they were clinically insane, for others just awesome people, but anyway if not them our project would lose the charm. No Deep Fried Chicken song and deep fried Kristjan himself, no sleeping, no talented Bjarki and no songs, with his funny face during the mornings. No Bergman, no karaoke, no piercing for me, no Johanna and Silvia, no interesting conversations between us ooh nooo. Thanks god they were with us.

Huge thank you to Tunisians for teaching me hello sign with hands or for trying me your delicious candies. I will never ever forget Nadia’s run with funny shaking hands during that game outside. Thanks to Armenian girls for bringing Armenian boiled sausage as I adore it. And what’s important, thank you Georgians for supporting your leader well, ok, maybe I’m not the best, but I was just trying. Hey guys what would be the project without us? I am not going to tell you, you can realize it better!!!

So that’s all. Here comes the end, and still I have no word for happy ending. I hate this farewell words. There are so many moments I remember, I felt, I saw… But the point is that I forgot to say you – thank you- for that. So thank you, you all, for this week. It was unforgettable! We will meet again and there we will finish that endless ball game).

autor: Sofo Khutsishvili 






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